Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How not to make a grad film-

 A reflection on some of the mistakes I made, maybe you could learn from me

-Dont go in without a belief in the benevolence of the universe
-Don’t do it, unless you really really really want it
-Don’t do it unless its hard or some sort of level, whether that is challenging technically, a challenging story or some sort of personal goal
-Don’t go in without appreciating all that came before you. You stand on the shoulders of giants
-Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re making anything new, everything’s been done before. Treat your content as a continuation “everything that came before and....”
-Don’t expect to be happy with what you’re doing, self satisfaction means you're learning nothing
-live not by the standards of this earth; Do it cause you want it, all other standards will fall away under pressure, for Pete's sake DO NOT do it for fame, money or pats on the back.
-Relax, its just a film, its not the end of the world if you can’t figure it out in time.

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